25 Things Every Preemie Mom Should Remind Herself of Daily


Look preemie moms, I know the struggle well. Prematurity and the NICU, your small baby and your big dreams – the daily struggle of keeping them both alive. All mothers have one thing in common, an indescribable love for our children that drives every waking moment of our lives. That doesn’t come in any particular size. So no matter where you are in the journey, here are 25 things you will need to remind yourself of daily. A list every preemie mom will understand.

1. It’s not your fault.

2. This baby is blessed to have you loving them, right now.

3. It’s absolutely not your fault.

4. You are an amazing mother.

5. You don’t determine birth dates, God does.

6. Faith can move mountains, so it can definitely move babies.

7. Buy that outfit. Decorate the nursery. Hang those pictures. Your baby is coming home. Believe it every single day. It’s ok to prepare and to let your heart be open. Your baby deserves every bit of your belief.

8. Your instincts ROCK. Trust your intuition. It’s your mommy super power. Let it guide you through your NICU stay and every moment after. Don’t hesitate to listen to it today. It could save your baby. Never be afraid to speak up.

9. Be grateful for the little things. The little things are awesome. (Who knows this better than you.)

10. Life was never supposed to be easy. Challenges come. You just have to show up and fight. Fight like a preemie.

11. God is with you now and always. He isn’t punishing you. Look how many lives your baby has inspired already. God’s got this.

12. You have to take care of yourself. Don’t neglect yourself. Don’t put Mommy in the corner.

13. It’s not your fault.

14. No one who loves you is blaming you.

15. You are a part of the team. You can tell the doctor what you think is best. You know your baby too.

16. Breastmilk is great, but if it isn’t coming out, don’t stress over it. The baby will eat.

17. Miracles happen everyday. It’s ok to expect them!

18. No matter what the day brings,the sun will shine tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day. Things won’t seem so bad in the morning.

19. A test can either tell you everything is fine or what needs to be done for your baby to make everything fine. Don’t fear them.

20. The NICU is home. Make it feel like home. Home is where the heart is. And that is definitely your heart in that incubator.

21. This too shall pass.

22. You’ve come this far, you can keep going. Get up. Show up. Dry those eyes. Keep going.

23. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to need. It’s ok not to be OK all of the time.

24. Your heart is right to be broken. Help it to be hopeful. Hopeful takes the edge off.

25. No matter how you feel, no matter how hard it is to accept, it is not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself. Especially on the bad days. Prematurity happens to so many women. It’s important to spread awareness not regret. Remember – this is your baby’s journey, your baby’s testimony. Don’t reduce it.

No one loves this baby more than you. Your love matters. And just like this child, it will grow. The NICU sucks. But you can make it through. Just keep reminding yourself that you are everything to your little one. Regardless of the outcome, life is lived when filled with love. And there is life after the NICU. You mom, are much stronger than you ever thought.

If you love this list, you will love my poetry. Remember the day your preemie was born? My poem, “On the Day You Were Born” will resonate with you.


Kaleena Berryman is the author of the first book of poetry for preemie moms! Order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Preemie Mother Sisterhood

sonshine2I belong to this sisterhood, women from near and far
Who share a life experience that has shaped who we are
It binds us and unites us – has changed our point of view
For we gave birth to miracles, long before they were due

We all met our labor, with happiness and fear
Mumbled a bunch of prayers that we hoped our God would hear
We all know what it means to have life flash before our eyes
And to give birth without the sound of a sweet baby’s cries

We’ve sat by incubators, long nights that had no end
And we all know a NICU nurse can make the best of friend
We’ve stayed over in waiting rooms, sweaters to shield the cold
Made major life choices before our child was two days old

Watched monitors like TV, waited weeks to give a bath
Would trade a million dollars just to hear our baby laugh
Celebrated leads removed, ounces and inches gained
Transitioning to CPAP, room temperature maintained

The NICU is our hazing, each of us passed the test
Our secret handshake is from nerves worn out by all the stress
We share a special language, in stories that we tell
And our treasured resources are O2 and Purell

We take nothing for granted, live off blessings in store
And pray to God we’ll never see a NICU anymore
Life threw us in the ringer, and we came out alive
Promise to be more grateful if our baby just survives

This preemie mother sisterhood, we never thought we’d know
Comes with a roller-coaster, watching our babies grow
There’s joy in our sisterhood, although it’s hard to see
We’ll feel like better mothers, after the misery

So here’s to all the mommas to whom miracles were born
Who learned through our delivery, we’re stronger than the norm
Keep holding one another, hoping for all things good
This mom’s a lifetime member, preemie mother sisterhood

Written by Kaleena Berryman

Love this? Read Kaleena’s most popular poem, On the Day You Were Born

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