I’mOrder a Personalized Preemie “Journey” Poem from Praying4MyPreemie!


Celebrate your preemie miracle with a personalized preemie poem, written by Kaleena Berryman, preemie mom and author of the viral poem, “On the Day You Were Born” , “Other Mothers” and the book “Stronger Than We Thought: Poetry for the Preemie Mom’s Journey”. There are many milestones to celebrate, let us create a one of a kind poem that your preemie, or the preemie parent in your life, will cherish forever. Just Because, Christmas, Prematurity Awareness Month, Mother or Father’s Day, Coming Home, a Favorite Nurse, Birthdays, and Milestones – we will take your words and turn them into an amazing keepsake. There is truly nothing like it. Currently, there is a 15% discount on both poem types!

The process is simple:

  1. Choose between a tailored version of “On the Day You Were Born” (25.50 with the discount) or an Original Poem (52.00 with the discount).
  2. Complete the order form HERE Preemie Poem Order Form .
  3. Email five of your most beautiful pictures to accompany the poem, to kaleenaberryman@gmail.com.
  4. We will will send the invoice. Allow five to seven business days to complete the poem. Poems can be completed sooner upon requested.
  5. Share your poem on social media, frame your poem, and place it in your baby book!

See below for samples:  I’m Ready to Order Now!

The Angel Assigned to Our Son, a poem for Amanda from Marissa, Shawn & Ryan


The Day Our Miracle Came Home, for Andrew

Poetry Reviews:

Holly, “Hi!!! Omg!! I am crying!! That is perfect in every way!!! You are truly amazing and I’m soooo thankful I saw your post!! This is amazing! The best thing I could ever have! Thank you thank you thank you truly from the bottom of my heart!”

Georgia Frazier, “I had this done for my Preemie Daddy for Father’s Day!! You did such a wonderful job, and Trevor didn’t make it through reading without crying!! This is such a special keepsake! Thank you so much!!!.

Cara Reno, “This is a beautiful poem, written by Kaleena Berryman of Praying 4 My Preemie. She described our journey in a way that I could have never imagined. I gave her scattered details and pictures and she created a beautiful work of art. I am forever grateful. Thank you so much! I hope everyone will go and like her page and let her create a beautiful poem for you! It is worth it!”

Lisa, “Kaleena, thank you so much!  It is beautiful and we can’t wait to give it to him!   You truly have a gift.”

Jennifer, “You are amazing!!!!!!!”

Sara, “The most precious poem, story I could have EVER wanted to tell our story of Solomon’s arrival. Thank you so very much Praying 4 My Preemie. We TREASURE this writing.”

Sheri Gordon, “I want to say thank you so much for the beautiful poem!!! I couldn’t ask for anything better! It captured all the beautiful ups and downs of the NICU. I was kept in the loop the whole process and received it right on time!! Thank you a million times!! Any preemie moms out there I would recommend this. I will be telling my NICU mommas”

Emily Vaughn, “I absolutely love it. Thank you a million times for doing this for us. You are such a blessing.”

Casey Carmichael, mom of Olivia: “This is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have EVER read! I cannot stop crying! Joy, pain, happiness, fear all rolled into one!!! You have a magnificent talent! I absolutely love it!”

Shandi Sorter, mom of Addison: “Thank you so much for writing this beautiful poem for us!!! We will cherish it forever!”

Angele Munster, mom of twins Keegan and Kyler: “Being the mother of twin boys that were born at 31 weeks and in the NICU for 30 and 34 days has made me a stronger person. The feeling of not being able to do anything to help your babies or being able to bring them home was unbearable. Kaleena, this poem is absolutely beautiful! It’s puts our story into words that I would have never been able to do… This will be cherished for the rest of our lives! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this perfect story of my boys! praying for all preemies! Miracles come in small packages!”

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  1. My daughter was 5 weeks and 5 days premature. A lot of her insides weren’t fully developed. She wasn’t suppose to live. She is now 18 and in college.

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