My Preemie Valentine (A Poem)


All of my greatest lessons, my blessings most divine
Came in the smallest package with my preemie valentine
Delivered to me early, from the Heavens above
To show me the true meaning of unconditional love

The day you came into my world, too little and too soon
Both happiness and heartache, completely filled the room
More beautiful than roses, sweeter than chocolate
And with a fighting spirit, that I won’t soon forget

Nothing could quite prepare me, for the journey ahead
Needed you home with family, to the NICU instead
Amid the tubes and wires, the nurses and their charts
Was the most precious baby, facing the hardest start

So many odds against you, unsure of what to do
We looked for any sign of hope that we could hold on to
But you my little Cupid aimed, and gave living your all
It’s as if you had no idea, your arrow was so small

I left all expectations, that I held in the past
I loved you in each moment, as if it were your last
Prayed angels would surround you, each time I had to leave
I learned to be more patient, watching you learn to breathe

I cherished every single first, although they came much later
Left my most heartfelt prayers, beside your incubator
The surgeries and setbacks, the constant ups and downs
Made me the better person, I’m so proud to be now

Each day you worked to be here, the strongest kid I know
I learned to love completely, watching my baby grow
You showed me to appreciate, whatever life may bring
Sometimes the biggest reward, comes from the little things

Life after isn’t easy, but I will not complain
I revel in the sunshine, thanks to all of the rain
So when I say “I Love You” a hundred million ways
Know that my heart still carries, you in those NICU days

I now believe in miracles, look what you’ve overcome
All the milestones accomplished, and all the victories won
Love letter to my hero, may you always be mine
You changed my life forever, my preemie valentine

Written by Kaleena Berryman, author of the world famous poem, On the Day You Were Born On the Day You Were Born

Poetry from Praying4MyPreemie
At Praying4MyPreemie, I specialize in poetry written to celebrate the miracles that come with our children, through our personalized  poetry service, Poetically Yours. Give me  your story, sentiments, dedications, and I will create a beautiful poem to honor your child, at a reasonable price. There are no cards that tell our story, this poem will live on forever! First birthday – Coming home from the hospital – birth – even loss, I can capture the words of your heart. My poetry also makes a great gift! Email or call Kaleena at 9735176581 for more information.

On the Day You Were Born, for Skyler and Audree

When a Miracle Turns Four, Jharid Jr.

Download the Book of poetry: Stronger Than We Thought: Poetry for the Preemie Mom’s Journey. Download from Amazon onto any computer or electronic device!You do not need a kindle or nook to read electronically.

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